Nancy Morse


About Me

My Background

I was born and raised in western Colorado, where I attended college, studied ceramics, and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree, eons ago.  Exploring my passion for travel and people, I spent the next few years traveling the world, and in 1986 I joined the United States Army. When my duty assignments allowed, I continued to study the portrait and figure. I served 21 years in the Signal Corps, before retiring in 2007 as a Lieutenant Colonel. Since that time, I have worked as a professional artist focusing mostly on functional ceramics, but also continuing with sculpture, drawing and oil painting.  

My Medium

I am interested in many mediums. I love the abstract expression of clay and am fascinated by rhythm, repetition and the movement of textures. I find the marriage of function, expression, and beauty to be very rewarding. I am passionate about portraiture and figurative work and study them in my sculpture, painting and drawing. I have been studying the figure and portrait for almost thirty years. 

My Inspiration

Recently, I have started spending more of my time on sculpture. Many years ago I started a series of “Gargoyle Coat-hooks” inspired by my travels in Europe. I have once again returned to the image and function of these. My work is expressive and indicative of the whimsy I see in the world around me. The creative process is like an expanded reality that is exciting, invigorating, and sometimes, in the most rewarding way, takes on a life of its own.